JUG Meeting#80: Cloud Native Applications Using Docker and Kubernetes (OpenShift)

Posted by Tarin Gamberini Sun, 14 Apr 2019 12:26:00 GMT

Quando: venerdì 12 Aprile 2019 ore 19:00

Dove: Finantix – Via della Pila, 13 – 30175 Marghera (VE) dietro la stazione dei treni

Guarda la cartina stradale: su openstreetmap o su googlemaps


18:45 Accoglienza

19:00 Cloud Native Applications Using Docker and Kubernetes (OpenShift) – a cura di Gian Maria Romanato, Finantix

19:55 La ruota della fortuna

20:00 Fine meeting

Cloud Native Applications Using Docker and Kubernetes (OpenShift)

The presentation will start with a quick introduction to the concept of Cloud Native applications, followed by an overview of Docker with its strengths and weaknesses.

The discussion will continue with an overview of Kubernetes and how Kubernetes helps overcome some of the limitations of Docker.

Red Hat OpenShift will then be briefly introduced to explain how it augments Kubernetes with additional enterprise-grade features and capabilities.

A simple demo will follow in which a “Hello World” Java EE application running in Tomcat will be deployed to an OpenShift cluster to demonstrate how easily a fault-tolerant deployment can be achieved.

Finally, the Jenkins plug-ins for Docker, Kubernetes and OpenShift will be mentioned to introduce how they could be used in a build pipeline.

La ruota della fortuna

I partecipanti che si sono registrati al meeting parteciperanno all’estrazione dei premi gentilmente messi in palio da Manning Publications :



La partecipazione è, come sempre, libera e gratuita.

Se usi GPG potresti portare la fingerprint della tua chiave su un foglietto e chiedere se qualcuno è interessato a firmare la tua chiave.

Al termine del meeting andremo tutti assieme a mangiare la pizza :-P

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