Posted by Andrea Nasato Sun, 15 Jan 2006 15:22:00 GMT

Today I want to introduce you into XOM, which is one of the two arguments I’m going to talk about in our next meeting (the second is JSF 1.2). What is XOM? Someone could think it’s yet another XML library. In part that’s true.

In Javapolis I attended to XOM’s father, Elliotte Rusty Harold, talk. Harold wrote a very good book about XML and as he said during the conference, only after writing that book he can say that he is able to manage all the problem arising with DOM, JDOM and dom4j. So he proposes a new library which in his aim is correct, easy to use and easy to learn.

What lacked his presentation was some live examples, so in the next meeting I get into code in order to compare those libraries. I’ll show you some common pitfalls using DOM api, and what are the counterparts in XOM.

If you want to check out XOM you can go to the main site. In Harold’s site you can find the javapolis slides

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